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About AREU

AREU is one of the 58 affiliated unions of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Formed in 2010, we are a progressive union that serves the workers in the attractions, resorts and entertainment sector in Singapore.

Our mission

Representing Attractions, Resorts, and Entertainment workers with advocacy, support, and positive work environments. Committed to members' needs, diversity, and growth for success. AREU also strives to become a strategic partner to our stakeholders. 

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Our exco

Hassan Bin Abdullah

General Secretary
Mohamed Riaz S/O Mohamed Omar

General Treasurer
Andrew Wang


Executive Secretary
Irene Low

Assistant General Secretary
Muhammad Zaid Bin Idris

Assistant General Treasurer
Azman Bin Osman

Exco Member
Stephanie Tu

Exco Member
Rajeswari D/O Sivakavi

Exco Member
Zakiyyah Binte Zainal


Exco Member
Annie Lee

Exco Member
Azmi Mahmood Bin Razali

Exco Member
Fernandez Terry Christopher

Internal Auditor
Norima Binte Hori

Staff Support

Swimming Astronaut

Deputy Executive Secretary
Marilyn Chew


Lead Consultant
Ong Sin Tiong


Senior Industrial Relations Officer
Ong Chee Wee


Industrial Relations Officer
Jeslyn Chua

Swimming Astronaut

Annie Koh

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