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AREU Member Referral Program 2023

NTUC Union Membership Promotion!.png

Refer a friend/colleague to join as a union member so that they can enjoy savings and more with NTUC Union membership.

For every new member recruited, AREU member will enjoy a $10 incentive!




  1. Share with your friend/colleague on the benefits of being a union member. Grab a NTUC Union membership form and pass it to your friend/colleague to complete.

  2. Upon form completion, recruiter must check that all fields are completed and there are no errors.

  3. After checking that there are no errors, recruiters must indicate his/her NRIC number and phone number clearly in the “Recruiter’s Code Box” on the membership form. (Refer to Annex A)

  4. Completed form must be submitted back to AREU via the following methods:

  • Pass the completed union membership form to your union branch officials.

  • Pass the completed union membership form to your Industrial Relations Officer.

  • Mail the completed union membership form to AREU. NTUC membership form has paid postage. Seal the form with the mailer on the outside and write AREU on the top right-hand corner. (Refer to Annex B)

  • For MBS & RWS only – recruiters can drop the completed union membership forms in AREU membership boxes located at the HR touch-points.


Criteria for successful new sign-up

  1. The Union membership form must be completed and signed by the new members with no further amendments.

  2. New members must be permanent full time or part-time workers in AREU branches.

  3. New sign up is eligible for incentive pay-out only upon the first successful deduction from new member’s GIRO.


  1. Referral Incentive is only applicable for AREU members.

  2. Must be a FULLY PAID-UP AREU member with no membership arrears.

  3. In the event membership with AREU is terminated over the period of the event, member will not be eligible for the incentives.

  4. AREU reserves the right to amend the rules and conditions of the Member-Get-Member Campaign.

  5. AREU reserves the right to determine the successful sign ups upon processing the union membership forms and the first successful deduction of GIRO of the new member.

  6. AREU will not be required to provide explanations to individuals and branches on the success and failure of the new sign ups.

  7. Recruiters will have to abide by the PDPA rules and regulations when handling completed Union membership forms.

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